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After School Tease and Denial



I was walking home from school one day when one of my greatest dreams came true. I'm really just a normal kid, a bit smarter than average, and stupendously shy as well. My parents get along alright, i do pretty good in school, and so on. Anyway, I was walking home this particular day when a car pulled up next to me. I was a bit surprised to see that it was a girl I knew a bit but had never talked to. She sat across from my lunch table, and I generally wasted a period each day just staring at her. Long brown hair, greyish eyes, and a really skinny build. If I didn't know that she did track and tennis, I would have thought her on the anorexic side. Her tits aren't really that big - but hey, no one's perfect. And her face is unbelievably stunning. I'm into freckles, and she had cute little ones across her nose and part of her cheeks.


Like I said, we had never talked, so I was a bit surprised to see her pull up next to me. Not that she lived somewhere else - she lived on a street behind my house, but because I had never seen her outside of school.


"Want to go for a ride?"


I certainly didn't want to decline, a guy like me only gets one or two chances like this. Besides, my father was working until 8 - he has a weird work schedule - and my mother was in new jersey helping my sick grandparents.


We went to Taco Bell and ate - I stuttered about myself for part of the conversation - and then we went to her house. Nothing like this had ever happened before. "I'm going to change out of these jeans," before going upstairs. I admired her tight ass twitching as she walked. When she came back down, she was wearing short shorts and a large t-shirt, like you might wear to bed. I was stunned. She walked over to where I sat on he couch, and sat down next to me.


"I had a great time today."


Jesus, what do I say? I don't know how to talk to attractive girls!


"Well, I uhm had a good time too" I responded lamely.


She leant over, kissed me, and gave me a hug. My first kiss.


I didn't have a long time to dwell on the wonder of the moment, because she slipped some handcuffs on me right then. I was a bit afraid, I barely knew her. Still, it's been a fantasy of mine to be dominated by one of the girls at school, so I went with the flow.


"I want to fuck you," she said, and pulled down my pants. As well as my boxers, so my cock sprung out. "My goodness!" lets take this upstairs, shall we? She grabbed my cock, index finger around my balls, and pulled me up. It hurt a bit, but the pleasure outweighed the pain. Thus positioned, she led me upstairs and into her bedroom.


With little resistance, she undid the handcuffs, and strapped me spread-eagled to the bed. At this point, the cuffs at each post were secure enough that I couldn't have escaped if I wanted to.


She pulled out a knife. Jesus! She examined my wilting cock, pressing the side of the kinfe into it. Then she slit my shirt and pulled its remains off. I was completely naked.


"Lets get the rules down first. You will refer to me as Mistress, no matter where we are. Understood?"


I nodded.


"Whenever you enter the house, and I give this signal (she motioned with her hand) you will remove all your clothing and assume an obedient position. This session, you will be granted a safeword if you want to leave. For all subsequent sessions, there will be no safeword. Finally, only when I allow you to cum will you cum. There will be no masturbation. If I find that you have masturbated to orgasm without my permission, there will be consequences. You will report to me daily after school and occasionally on weekends. You will tell your parents that you are tutoring someone, and that you'll catch the late bus from school in order to get home."


"Is this all understood?"


I nodded again.


"Good, then lets have some fun."


My cock had grown hard through her speech, but still rested gently on my stomach. She pressed a nail underneath the head, and it jerked up. Her nail continued to skim underneath the head. Round and round. Soon I was standing on my own, and my veins were bulging. She took some of the extra fabric from her shirt and drew it around my cock. She grasped firmly, and made a twisting motion as if opening a champaigne bottle. My body stiffened and my toes curled. She waited a minute for me to soften, then repeated the procedure. This went on for a long time, until I was oozing pre-cum and my head was swollen much larger than its normal size.


Suddenly: "Field trip."


She unstrapped me and let me sit up and stretch before opening her desk drawer. She withdrew what appeared to be a leash. On closer examination, it was indeed a leash, as well as a collar, which she fitted snugly just beneath the head of my penis. Around the collar, a sort of grid extended around the front of my cock, totally encasing my head.It looked as if it were removable. The bottom had a clindrical opening that allowed access to the most sensitive part of my body. The top had a curious sort of contraption that had a metal tab sticking up and looked as if it telescoped higher. This entire portion was only about two centimeters in diameter. She then reached in the pocket of the shorts and produced a small cylindrical object around half an inch high. She inserted this into the bottom hole of my cock collar and attached the leash to the gridwork. Holding the leash, she walked out of the room.


I was compelled to follow, and we walked down the stairs together, her once more in control. When we reached the bottom, she put my handcuffs on once more, and then pulled me to the sliding glass door at the back of her kitchen.


The door opened onto a standard suburban back porch, moderate sized. Her backyard, however, was a bit more unique. The front of her house was by a steep hill, which then dead ended into another road that carried on past her house to the entrance of the development. Both roads were well-traveled, and the house was positioned such that cars on the second road could see her backyard. About 100 yards out, the backyards of another row of houses opened up, and there was a small ravine between the two streets.


She opened the door and stepped out. Shit, she was going to bring me outside. She tugged insistently on the leash, which didn't slide over my cockhead as I had hoped.


"Steph, can we keep it in here please?" I asked hopefully.


"What did you just call me?"


"Maistress," I lied.


"Now I know that you are both disobedient and dishonest. I was going to show you around the property; your punishment is an hour outside to ponder your mistake."


Thus humiliated, I was led outside and my leash tied to the railing on the porch. I realized that this might not be as bad as I thought. After all, the railing was at just the right height to obscure my erection. Unfortunately, it was not to be so. She brought a crate for me to stand on, and a board with two shoes nailed to either end.


Ultimately, I was positioned with my cock about 2 feet above the railing, my legs spread about a yard apart, my cockleash attached to the railing, and my hands behind my back. I faced the road below, which was a distance away, and completely visible if anyone on the next road looked out their windows, as well as from Madame's house as well.


I had stood there for about 15 minutes (no way to measure time, of course) when I realized that if I just let my cock wilt, I could probably let it slip out of the leash, and I might be able to escape. Mistress had certainly taken this entirely too far, too fast. It just wasn't worth public humiliation.


So I thought of fish, gutting fish, football, school, whatever I could to keep my mind off the situation at hand. School! Jesus, Bethany lived on the next road over. She could see me if she looked out her window! My body jumped with a little shock, and my cock stood at attention once more. Dammit! I had to get away!


Bethany was a really hot red-headed girl with a slightly innocent look, a bit shorter than average, but with well-proportioned tits and a hard, tight body.


Then there was sort of a wave of relief: she had indoor track practice. Followed by another sudden shock: she would get out soon and probably be able to get home in time to see me. Fuck! I realized the situation was dire, and concentrated for all my heart on seeing the bloody guts of a fish - maybe I could soften up in time.


After another ten minutes or so, my cock was getting limp enough to possibly slide out of when I heard a slight buzzing sound, and realized to my dismay that not only had Mistress been watching me through the window, but it must have been a pill-sized vibrator that she inserted into the space on my restraint. Double Fuck!! There was no way I could possibly escape, I realized, and resigned myself to my fate. At least I could get an orgasm out of this. But the closer I got, the slower the vibrator went, and eventually She came out to get me (though not before two cars had honked. I prayed that I didn't know either of their occupants).


Mistress untied me and brought me inside, pulling and stimulating my cock up the stairs and into her bedroom, where I was once more strapped to the bed.


"You've discovered the secret to my cockstrap," she said, "it's highly modifiable. There are over two dozen seperate attachments on the market, all of which I own, and the company promises to create a new one each month. You;ve only met two, the cage and the simple vibrator. Believe it or not, this is actually the reason I wanted to capture you. To try out this juicy toy."


I lay back and closed my eyes. I suppose I had grown used to the situation - me helpless, naked, her fully clothed and powerful, because when I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see her completely topless, small tits reaching upwards, nipples hard. But best of all was her stomach. Tight, smooth, yet somewhat muscular and defined. It was all tapering down into the muscular area by the hips, before being rudely interrupted by her short-shorts.


She walked up to me and asked if I liked what I saw - obviously, I did. My awestruck reverie was interrupted by her placing a blindfold over my eyes. There was a slight rustling, then she sat on the bed and straddled my stomach. I could feel her pussy, she must have taken off her shorts. My cock jumped.


She was facing my cock, I could feel her breath on it, as she took both hands, placed them on either side, and rolled it like a potter might roll clay. The sensation was overpowering, and it only lasted a few seconds. Her moist pussy traveled across my stomach again, left a shiny trail.


She was completely dressed by the time my blindfold was removed.


Once more attaching the restraint and leading me downstairs, she told me that there was one last thing we had to do before I could leave for the day. By the entrance, there was a computer in the corner, and two 16-sided dice in the middle of the room. "Pick your poison," she said. I asked what it was for.


"Well, you can either roll the dice, get a 16 on the first die and either an 11, 13 or 15 on the second for a complete orgasm, or you can play the computer game."


I tried playing the game once, it was basically a primitive sort of thing where a bucket attached to the mouse had to catch falling objects. You could miss three objects before the game ended. I reached 7000 before ending; she said I needed 12000 for an orgasm. I figured the odds were pretty good. At least I had control.


"Oh, I forgot to mention: you may only lose one object before the game ends when we play for orgasm. No takebacks, you're stuck with this instead of the dice."


I groaned. I would never cum this way.


She continued, though. "That's not the only way to orgasm, however. There is a point system as well. Every day you come over after school counts as 2 points, every weekend, 4. Different tasks will award you points - standing outside for an hour, for instance. However, disciplinary infractions cost you points. A small infraction, 10. Moderate, 15, Heavy, 25. If you try to escape from the system, all your points are reset. Today, you earned 3 points, because I'm benevolent. Any questions?"


I had one. How many points to orgasm?




Shit, man. I would never cum.


"Oh, one last thing. Every birthday, you are guaranteed an orgasm."


Thanks, Mistress. Only 4 months away.


She felt my balls, weighed them in her hands, then unstrapped my resraint and let me dress.


"Goodbye," she bid me.


I said goodbye as well.



The next day, I got off the bus at her stop instead of my own. Hesitantly, I walked to her door and pressed the bell.


She answered in a bra and panties.


My jaw dropped a little, but I recovered and walked in.


She cleared her throat. Twice. Finally, I realised she had made the hand motion that implied I should strip. Hastily, I shed my clothes and knelt looking at the floor.


"That little slip is going to cost you. Let's go into the basement."


At the bottom of the stairs, she slipped my cock restraint on, and put another pill-shaped cylinder in the bottom. It turned out it was frozen metal, which would really hurt my cock a bit. Nothing permanent, I knew, but still. It was hurting after a few minutes.


"You will remain this way until you can successfully complete 100 consecutive jump rope jumps."


Well, this wouldn't be so bad. I had jumped rope a bit to stay in shape at home, and a few times circuit training in gym class.


It was easier said than done. I reached 70 and 80 a few times, but it was difficult to concentrate with my cock flapping around, and the pain in my groin. She sat on the couch and watched with a bemused expression on her face. A few times, she clapped her hands when my cock was really moving, and especially when it slapped my stomach or legs.


Eventually I made it to 100, but I was exhausted from numerous attempts, and my body was covered in sweat. She removed the restraint with its cursed iced metal and strapped me to what was apparently a futon. Except it wasn't.


"This is another toy of mine. One of the last you'll meet anytime soon."


The base of the pad lifted up, in the middle, until I was bent backwards with my cock pointing straight up about 4 feet in the air.


Mistress took a seat and examined my cock. Gently, she wrapped her hands around it and yanked a few times. Dammit, but masturbation is nothing compared to what it feels like when another person jacks you off. Especially when you are at their mercy. I sighed and relaxed. She continued to jack me off for some time, always lightening or slowing pace and keeping me off balance. I knew she would never let me cum.


With her hands still dry, she wrapped her right hand around the very hand of my cock so that her index finger curled slightly over the top, and her thumb was on the ridge around the bottom. Gently, she made a circular motion with her thumb, around and around and around.


After about half an hour of this type of stimulation, I was sweating even more profusely, and she asked me if I knew what overstimulation meant. I answered in the negative, with a slightly sickly feeling.


She said that the best way to find out was by example. She took a piece of string, wrapped a cm of duct tape repeated around one end to make a wad, and tied the entie thing tightly around the base of my penis. I could feel the blood wasn't cut off, but knew in my heart that cum flow somehow was.


She poured some oil on her hands and rubbed them together. She then started jerking me off at the normal speed, normal tempo. Soon I felt as though I would cum, but nothing. My urethra was blocked. I felt as though I would cum again; again nothing. Then she took a break and blew cool air on my cock, before continuing to jerk me off. I tried repeatedly to cum. Eventually, my cock itself was sore, my balls were worse, end every stroke felt like fire. A few more minutes, and I passed out. When I awoke, she said I had earned one point for enduring that. I thanked her profusely, but still wondered what she had in store for me. My cock was swollen and the head was red. She gently took a handful of her hair in her hand, and lent over my cock. Softly stroking it again made it tremble. I was afraid I was in for more overstimulation.


She focused the hair entirely around my hole, gently stroking, inserting it as far up as possible, and twisting it when she removed it. I was right on the edge for an entire 15 minutes. When she let up, my cock pulsed with every heartbeat.


"That was one overstimulation session. It took one hour. Did you enjoy it?" I shook my head no. "Good, you aren't supposed to. Everytime you do something wrong, I will subject you to up to five of those consecutively." I groaned. "As well as eliminating points. As this was only the second day, I will not remove your ten points. The next time this happens, you'll be crying by the end."





She replaced my restraint, unstrapped me, and led me to the first floor. Once there, she motioned for me to lay on the sofa. She pulled up a chair and began absentmindedly stroking my cock as she spoke:


"This weekend, I'm going to throw a party. You will need to be there. If you attend, and all goes well, you will earn 10 points, in addition to the 4 weekend points you would normally earn. If you decide to skip, you will be penalized 15 points. I'm not afraid to go negative on your count. It's up to you which to choose, but remember that you are faced with a 29 point swing."


There obviously wasn't much of a choice. When I said that I would attend, she grinned and clapped her hands.


"Alright, I'll get planning immediately. Oh, you can try your daily computer game."


I did, and only made it to 4500 before losing the first of the falling objects, so the game ended. I still had only 6 points, 244 left till orgasm. Once over, she removed my restraint, felt my balls with her warm, soft hands (they were a bit swollen) and let me get dressed to leave.





I'll admit it, I cracked. I had a delicious orgasm that night, I actually jacked off twice in a row, something I never usually did. Two days of this stimulation was simply too much. And like a fool, I showed up the next day - because I craved her presence, the sight of a beautiful girl.


She answered the door in bra and panties again, and led me upstairs, where she made me strip before strapping me to the bed.


There was a bit of silence, and I got a bad feeling.


"You came, didn't you?" she asked.


I lied and said I didn't. I was a faithful slave, Mistress!


"I know you came. Your balls are lighter than yesterday. I trusted you, but never again. Well, that's 15 points off your total, you are now down to -9 points. You will be punished, and I will make sure this never happens again." She said with a certain menace in her voice.


She reached in her drawer and produced a feather, then began tickling the soles of my feet. I'm really not overly ticklish, but everyone has a breaking point, and I had reached mine within minutes. Taking short breaks, she continued to tickle my feet, armpits, stomach - all the sensitive parts of my body but my cock. Eventually she lay down the feather and gently stroked the line on the underside of my pre-cum soaked penis with the top of her nails, which were unnervingly smooth. I soon regretted taking matters into my own hands, so to speak. When she finally finished, My entire cock was almost purple. She left the room, and returned a few minutes later with an ice pack, which she placed on my cock. When I finally went limp, she reached into the drawer and grabbed something I couldn't see, which she attached to my cock.


"This is a chastity belt. You will not be able to stimulate yourself at home, therefore, you must come here if you want any sort of sexual pleasure. This belt symbolizes my ownership of your dick, and your balls."


She stepped back, then began gyrating her hips. I could see her abs working, the skin stretching taut over her stomach. Her small tits bounced a little, and she reached behind her back to remove her bra. When her hands came to the front of her body again, the bra was loose but she held it up. Slowly, painfully slowly, she slank up to the bed, climbed on, and straddled my body. She humped my stomach, getting off through her panties on my body. Finally, she let the bra loose and I could see her beautiful, stunning rack. Words couldn't begin to describe how turned on I was. Or would have been, if the chastity belt hadn't held my cock bent in half. It was still a bit stiff, but I couldn't even get the satisfaction of feeling it hard. Mistress shuddered, cried out with ecstasy and came on my stomach.


She lay on top of me with her warm, wet and surprisingly heavy body for perhaps ten minutes before rolling off and gently scratching through my pubic hair. I knew better than to speak, but she seemed to be thinking hard. Too hard, I worried, for Her slave's good. Eventually she looked into my eyes. Really deep, in fact, as if she wanted to communicate something. I've read that people can't hold eye contact with someone they're attracted to for more than 5 seconds without getting sexually excited. Somehow I doubted this was true in all cases, but in this situation it certainly was. She smiled softly, continued dragging her fingers. There were cute little freckles across her cheeks, and her bangs fell loosely over her eyes. With a final grin, she slid off and unattached my arms and ankles before letting me leave.


She reminded me that the party would be tomorrow.




I showed up at six PM the next day, an hour before the party was set to begin. She was wearing a tight, clingy black evening dress. She led me into the kitchen, made me strip, and attached a harness to my body. The harness held my cock straight out with a cock ring, while providing restraints for my arms to be held behind my back. Mistress gave me some instructions:


"You are to treat every one of these girls as your Mistress. You will do anything they say to the best of your abilities. They may give you a hand job, even a blowjob. You will not cum. (She had an evil sort of glitter in her eyes) Later in the party, we will play a game. For the duration, you will lay on your back a little bit to the side. Now, go kneel in the family room and wait for the guests to arrive."


I assumed my obedient position and waited for about ten minutes before the doorbell rang. I was embarrassed already, and trembling a little bit in anticipation. She answered the door, I heard voices. Mistress was telling whoever it was that the entertainment was in the next room over. Footsteps. Someone had entered the room. I looked up, saw a girl I immediately recognized.


Kate was a blonde I had in my bio class a few years ago, pretty but not beautiful, moderately skinny and athletic. I suppose her most endearing trait was that she found most anything amusing - and she must have really thought my situation was hilarious. Her clothes were modest, low-cut jeans and a tight t-shirt of the sort that is so popular nowadays.


Since Steph was preparing snacks in the kitchen, She took a seat on the couch, made me stand with my legs spread. My cock was obviously pointing straight out. She reached out and scratched the underside of the base of my cock with unbearably soft hands which contrasted well with herunyieldig nails.


"Awww, does Tim want to cum? Does he? How much? Steph told me that you were naughty and jerked off just two days ago. Still, two days is a long time without orgasm. Actually, I came twice before I even got to this party." She grinned. "Steph says that you aren't allowed to cum, even if I masturbate you." I grimaced, looked down. "Don't worry, I'm not that mean. Still, your situation is kinda funny."


The doorbell rang again.


When the next girl entered the room, I had intended to only glance up to ascertain her identity, before resuming my pose. But Emma was so beautiful and so stunningly and provocatively dressed that I had to stare.


We took German together in school, and again, I had never talked to her. (Notice a trend??) She actually wasn't altogether beautiful - she had a pouty sort of appearance. The thing was, her smiles were breathtaking, the best smiles you could possibly imagine. And she was smiling now. Her eyes twinkled as well, she had such entrancing eyes. She was also one of the more athletic girls at school - although she wasn't muscular. She was wearing low-cut jeans as well, and her shirt was a haltertop, but cut high enough that her entire stomach was revealed, and the clingy shirt curled under her well-rounded breasts.


She motioned for me to come to her, which I did, and then resumed my former position. Then she knelt so that her eyes were even with my cock, and moved so that the tip was less than an inch away from her nose. Then she stuck out her tongue and curled it up so that it gently lifted my penis right at the juncture between head and shaft. The initial contact, my first between penis and someone's tongue, caused it to bob up and back down, pressing harder into her tongue before bouncing back up... she didn't move, and my body couldn't either (both due to the exquisite sensation and that fact that I could easily be punished for it). so I was at something of an impasse. At this point, Kate was giggling hysterically, and Emma was smiling. I continued to grow harder, and nearly came when I saw Emma staring straight into my eyes. Mistress came into the room to see what everyone was laughing about (she had been in the kitchen preparing snacks). She couldn't help grinning as well.


Our little scene was interrupted by the doorbell ringing once more.


"Ah, the final guest has arrived," Mistress said, before running to answer the door.


The final guest was also the one I was least expecting. Anne was a really intelligent girl, slightly sad in appearance. She was probably the least attractive of the group - not ugly, by any means, but only moderately pretty. Her awesome body made up for this - nice, hefty tits, a skinny waist and a graceful poise. I was surprised because she didn't seem to be the type of girl who sould show up to this kind of party - in school, she was a bit shy and quiet. She was also the only one I talked to with any regularity: given that we took a few classes together, it was inevitable.


She had on a knit sweater (red) with a smooth black dress.


Ironically, she seemed to be the most experienced in torturing slaves like myself. After a brief pause (I guess she hadn't realized that someone she knew this well would be here), she walked over and jerked me right to the edge, before sitting next to Emma.


Steph had disappeared to the kitchen and returned with a tray of crackers and general snacks.


"Well girls, we all know why we're here. Anne will teach us the advanced skills necessary to embarrass, humiliate, sexually frustrate, and enslave men. Tim is a practice dummy."


I was already afraid, but handcuffed as I was, there was little I could do.


Steph walked over to the edge of the couch, where, unknown to me, she had stown the "futon" (the one that bent backwards to hold me). She made me lay on it, then strapped my feet into their restraints. I was sitting up, and she pulled off my harness. There really wasn't any point in resistance: I was already under their control, and I couldn't possibly run away. Instead I lay back, let her strap my hands over my head and hoped for the best.


The futon raised itself to the bent position, and my cock was at eye level for all of the ladies.


They pulled up chairs to get a close look at the action, as Anne demonstrated various techniques. First, however, she made sure that there was a cockring around the base of my penis, to prevent my cumming.


"This is absolutely essential if you get into bondage. A cockring will obstruct all cum flow and allow unlimited teasing of your victims. Now, our first technique has two uses: as a fast tease, perhaps useful before school, and as a warm-up to get him hard right away. Simply deep-throat him, then start swallowing. The swallowing part puts pressure on his head, which increases stimulation. I'm not sure how many of you are able to deep-throat, so we sould probably practice. Tim's cock is about 7 inches long, which is the average length from my experience."


Emma went first. She had a bit of trouble swallowing my cock, but once she got over its size, her technique was excellent. I would have cum two or three times had cumflow not been obstructed. She was also insanely good at keeping eye contact, which made me rock hard.


They all went, one by one, and at the end I could barely keep still. Anne bent down near my cock again and explained:


"Now, this is a nice little transitional trick for when he's all hot and bothered. Just get really close to his wet penis and blow gently over it. Not only does it provide a slight stimulation, it cools him down a bit." She demonstrated before continuing. "Now, moving on, I'm going to briefly show you a few types of stimulation you can provide him with. First, pressure. (She squeezed). This will get him hard fairly quickly, is simple, requires no preparation, so you can do it in school or the car, and makes it difficult for the slave to remain erect, with sufficient pressure. Also, if applied correctly, good pressure will cause moderate pain once released, as vlood flows back into the cock."


"Tickling is rather broad, basically anything that only lightly touches him. This is often the most stimulating once he's hard, but he has no chance to cum. (She took her sweater and dragged it over the straining head of my cock, so that just the fuzz got a chance to touch.) Finally, licking of all sorts is extremely effective. This is really your trump card - you can lick to stimulate, get him hard, tease, and make him cum - which is obviously one of the drawbacks, he will cum quickly. There also other sensations which are somewhat less applicable to teasing. For instance, heat and warmth may play a part, but are not the best choices. Also, pain may be some of your cups of tea, but it is not mine. By the looks of it, it is not Tim's either. (I vigorously shook my head.) However, that is your choice to make, not his. I would not, however, recommend breaking the skin because it may become easily infected."


Mistress continued: "Absolutely not. If I want a pierced slave, I will do it myself. Now that everyone has a very basic background in this matter, here's the plan for the party: once per hour, one of you ladies can go into my bedroom and play with Tim here for the duration of the hour - you get to practice your teasing techniques, before being replaced by another girl. The rest of us will do normal party stuff. Afterwards, we're going to play a fun game for a little while, and then it's bedtime. Alright?"


Without waiting for a response, she grabbed my cock and led me up the stairs to her room. Once inside, she removed everything but the ring and made me lay down, where I was strapped spread-eagled on the bed. She put the blindfold on, and then gave me a bit of a surprise by putting headphones over my ears. Big headphones, in fact, that completely covered my ears. They gently played one song over and over,which drowned out all background sounds. Her final touch was a handkerchief, which she used to gag me. I was left alone for a while before I felt a touch on my stomach.


Frankly, I had no idea who was touching me, what they were planning or anything else. All I knew was that this was not Mistress, the touch was all wrong. It as just a hand holding my cock, firmly. If I thrusted, it moved with me. I still got a little bit of stimulation, however, which kept me hard. After a bit of time had passed. the hand moved upward until it touched only the head. Then it squeezed, tighter and tighter, drawing a fist around me. I squirmed, tried to get away, but could not. The fist then rose up. I had no choice but to follow it, try to stretch and thrust upward a bit. she continued to pull until I could stretch up no more. The sensation was becoming painful. after two or three minutes stretched like this, the fist released its grip and I sank back down, enjoying the lack of pressure. I lay there for some time, no sensation, before she straddled me, laying down completely and pressing evenly on my body; it felt wonderful. I was willing to bet that her crotch was only an inch or two from my face. She gripped the shaft once more, relatively tightly though not painfully, and put her palm on the top. She then circled , continually pressing, manipulating the foreskin. I am certain that I would have come twice, had I not been wearing the cock ring.


She sat up and must have masturbated on my stomach, because I felt some warm dampness as well as her legs clenching after only a minute. She got off of me and I felt alone once more.


Fingers walked their way across my stomach and chest, where they gently circled my nipples. I'm not really a nipple guy, so they weren't immensely stimulating, but given the situation they still kept me hard. After some time, the fingers disappeared for a minute or so, after which I felt legs clothed in jeans straddle me. I suppose she was facing my cock, but the sensations were ambiguous. She must have been, because the next thing I felt was a very, very soft rubbing around the tip of my cock. She must have been using one of those pen-tip thin paintbrushes, because the sensation was so localized.


Around and around. My universe spiraled into a single, all-possessing signal from cock to brain. Around, around, around.


Dipping into the center, across the hole of my cock. Back and forth. Now, gently traveling in swirls around the outside and downward.


Larger brush: going up the underside, spinning, and retreating. Over and over. Miniature armies advancing and retreating across the yielding battlefield of my penis. There was another pause as she got off my stomach. I shrank a bit, fearing what would come next. She must have switched brushes (if it was the same girl, I had no idea how much time had passed), because the next touch was large, and across my armpits, both at once. I was laughing hysterically at this point, and was probably nearing unconsciousness when the tickling stopped.


There was a great pause where I just lay there and waited.


I gathered by this point that the girls had cleverly divided up the sensations - one got tickling,one got pressure, one got licking. But did this mean that one of the girls would be left out? Really, I hoped so. It's immensely frustrating to feel unbearably stimulating sensations and have no idea whose hand is groping you. My deduction was proven correct (or incorrect, depending how you view it) when I felt what seemed to be a wood clamp crush my cock out horizontally. Lets just say that it hurt a good deal. I could guess that the clamp was one of those gun-like clamps with easily adjustable pressure and large rubber grippers. The grippers spread the pressure enough that I doubted (and hoped) no damage would be done. However, in the short term, they hurt like hell. Someone must have been sadistic. My cock, at least, is slightly rectangular, with the axis across my hips wider then the vertical axis, so i was thankful at least that the clamp pressed across the broad way, and not the narrow. That lasted a few seconds until whoever was out there started twisting the clamp. My cock twisted half a revolution before stopping. They must have been planning ahead, because from what I gathered, the clamp was attached to something in order remain in position- in other words, my cock was rock hard, clamped to 2/3 its former thickness, and twisted 90 degrees to normal. If my veins were bulging before, it felt like they were the thickness of marbles now. All this was noticeably worse when the girl started running nylon over the head of my cock, which stuck out of the clamp. It was the material of soccer shorts, and rather cold. It also made my cock try to stiffen. After 20 minutes of this constant aching, the clamp simply released, and my cock returned to normal. I relaxed a bit, thankful even if i was not granted release. That lasted a few seconds, and then the real pain set in, waves of it as blood finally got through my penis.


For the rest of this girls time, she must have enjoyed my feeble attempts to squirm away as she bent my cock double and rubbed the whole thing with blue jean material, then released it and left ice cubes stuck to the head by way of pre-cum - much the same way a tongue sticks to a frozen flagpole in winter.


When I had shed a few tears (obscured by the gag, fortunately), the ice was removed with some warm water and I was left alone once again.






Out of the blue, my blindfold was removed and I struggled to readjust to the light. Illuminated by the brightness behind her, Mistress looked like an angel, even if I knew she was a cruel one. She also removed the ear phones and gag, then said softly:


"Boy, she was mean. And she sure did dominate your penis. Look at it." I craned my neck downward, saw my red, bloated penis spilling over the edge of the cock ring, crisscrossed with little red lines. "It must suck to be completely at someone's mercy. I could castrate you right now, or do all sorts of nasty things you would never recover from. Hell, I could slit your throat." Needless to say, I was getting pretty damn scared.


"But I'm not. I could be such a cruel mistress, injuring and hurting you. And instead, I only tease you. Just a little bit of domination, and I know you like it. Beg me to tease you, to deny you, to humiliate you. Beg me to let you masturbate and jack off and get some release. Tell me how much of you I own."


I was definitely in a nearly incoherent state of mind. Who wouldn't be? I also knew that she had worked her magic and shown me that she really was benevolent, that I should love her for how lenient she was.


"Thank you mistress, you own my entire body, you own my cock and my pleasure and my ability to orgasm. I would do anything for you mistress: beg, plead, pleasure, forfeit my orgasms, satisfy every single one of your friends over and over while you continue to torture my cock. Hell, I would sacrifice my life."


While I was speaking, she knelt down and gently rolled my cock in her hands, smoothing, caressing. This caused me to talk even faster, become even more submissive. "Tell me how much you want to masturbate, even though you know it's a filthy habit."


"Dear god I want to masturbate and feel myself orgasm over and over, even looking at you for one second is enough to fuel a months worth of masturbation, mistress... I would humiliate myself repeatedly like this for a glimpse of orgasm at your hands because I know it would be the best experience of my life... Oh Dear GOD."


At this point she had pulled off her shirt and was holding her breasts. God they were beautiful, and each nipple looked rock hard. She had thought up an incredible sensation that had the potential of bringing me to insanity. With my cock begging for release, the hole at the top spread open the slightest, she had inserted her nipple inside, and was gently wiggling her hips, which caused her tits to jiggle just a very little - but still enough to send shockwaves straight into my cock. Actually, this was really overkill - so much stimulation it hurt, and I would have jerked away if i could have. As it was, she was pressing her knees onto my legs, and holding my hips extremely tightly. I could only groan.


She stopped after about a minute, I guess, though it felt like all of infinity. Her nipples were coated in my precum, and she smeared it across her breasts, making them shine.


"Look at all your pre-cum oiling my tits. Look at how smooth it is. Don't you wish that was your cum, coats and coats of it. Well, you only need to wait 3 months, give or take a week or two, and provided you aren't naughty, and you might get to cum."


She sat by my head, unstrapped my wrists and handcuffed them behind my back. After some definite struggling, she managed to remove the cock ring, freeing my cock. I would have tried to reach around and jack off if I hadn't had that wave of Mistriss-love so recently. As it was, she removed my ankle cuffs and made me stand, gave my cock a quick tug, then strapped a simple collar/leash around its head. She pulled me gently down the stairs.




Waiting for me there were the other three girls, who seemed to have paused in the middle of a lively conversation. They glanced over at me, handcuffed, being led down the stairs. Kate started giggling, the other two smiled. Despite the fact that everyone present had been most intimately acquainted with me for over an hour each, I was still profoundly nervous.


Anne was the first to talk - she said that she and the other girls had thought up something to make the game they were going to play even more erotic. Mistress and the other girls briefly huddled together, then Mistress led me to the piece of bend-Tim-over-backwards furniture and strapped me in. My head was facing the wall and I couldn't really get a full view of what was going on, but I heard snickers and then a humming. I realized at that point they were shaving me. What could be more humiliating? My pubic hair had been my little bit of privacy, something I could tell myself kept me from being completely naked. And now it seemed to be disappearing. When they were done shaving me, Mistress unstrapped me again and made me stand at attention. My cock was hard, and when I glanced down, I was startled to find that it appeared an inch longer. I hadn't realized that a simple shaving would have so much of an effect.


The other, less welcome effect was that I felt naked again. I had gotten used to being naked in front of my Mistresses, but now I felt naked again. It doesn't seem like much - a patch of pubic hair - but when it's all you're "wearing" losing it is a big deal.


Mistress explained how the game would work:


"This will be really entertaining. This is the way the game works: All of us will play poker while Tim waits. We play one hand of poker, the winner after that round will get to play with Tim for 4 minutes. When you play with him, you may only tease with your body and so forth, stimulation may only be applied with these" - she laid out a set of five feathers. "The winner of the game gets to command Tim for an hour while we watch him humiliate himself. Basically, this is a combination of "truth or dare" for a full hour. Oh yeah, how to win. Well, (she reaches into a cabinet) I am attaching this belt to Tim. Notice the height of the instrument. When he is hard enough to draw blood, the game ends and his punishment begins."


This disturbed me, so I glanced down. Just below my belly button she had attached a tight belt with a stiff leather attachment on the front, extending above my cock. At the end, though I could not see clearly, was apparently a small nail. It was positioned so that, when my cock was pointing slightly upwards, the nail would be pressing just below the head of my cock. Naturally, of course, when hard, my cock was leaning downwards a bit, so I had a bad feeling the game would last a while. The end, though probably painful, wouldn't do any real damage and would let me sleep, I hoped. I resolved to do anything possible to help the first girl out. Unfortunately, my mistress ruined this.


"That's the main rules. I have a bit more to add. First, to keep Tim relatively hard through the game, I have attached a small vibrator to his cock ring. (She flicked it on). Second, Tim will be penalized 13 points for participating." I looked up, startled.


"Mistress, 13 points..."


"No. Now its 15, for interrupting me. I am not being cruel, though. Every 4 minutes you withstand, you earn 2 points, for however long you can last. That means you go positive after only eight turns!"


Although I clearly understood that I would probably be miserable for a while, the other three girls - Kate, Anne and Emma - looked a bit confused.


"Oh my God, you don't know about the point system?? Guys, this is so much fun. Tim here earns 2 points per weekday he comes over for teasing, 4 per weekend and extra for other things that please me: this party had a base value of 10 points and Tim can earn or lose points from there. For being naughty (she lightly swatted my butt) Tim loses up to 25 points."


"How long until he gets to cum?" Anne asked.


"Oh, 250 points is the magic number." I couldn't help but grimace, although I already knew the number. Hell, I was farther away from it now than the first day, and looking to lose even more. If I couldn't cut my way through the chastity belt, I would probably never cum again. I looked at the girls, hoping for a sign of pity. Kate was giving sad little doggy eyes, though I knew she was laughing behind them. Emma was actively teasing me, rubbing her index fingers over her tits. Anne could only manage "That's worse than my slave, I let him cum just about once per month. But to each Her own, I guess."


"Well, lets start the game." They sat in a semi-circle, the better to see me standing there, and Mistress got out the cards. She must have pressed a button on her keychain or something, because my cockring started vibrating the slightest bit just then, enough to make me half erect. Mistress sat down and shuffled the cards, then dealt them. They were playing two wildcards, two discards, so they were able to get scores like full house, flush and straight regularly. It was, frankly, a crazy game, though I was more focused on my penis by then. They were seated on the sofa: this meant that they had full view of me through the poker portion of the game as well as the teasing part. The first winner was Anne, she softly got up and gave me a really evil grin, though no one else could possibly have seen. We had talked in class a fair amount, and it was generally a teasing sort of thing: "Oh, you can't do that problem, stupid," and similar lighthearted jokes. I knew that she could be evil or sweet depending on her whim. So I was feeling pretty apprehensive. Mistress turned off the vibrating at this point - she would only turn it on when it was no one's turn. Anne's strategy seemed to basically consist of continually teasing me with the feathers, circling the head and around my balls, everywhere. She got me hard as a rock, but (thankfully) my cock didn't even touch the nail. She used one hand to go back and forth just under the head, another to wander aimlessly. It felt good although the ring was constricting my cock a bit too much. I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of cumming with only feathers, so it was probably unnecessary.


When Anne's time was up, she gave me a wink, as if to say 'wait until next time!' then sat down. The buzzing resumed, as did play. After a few minutes, it emerged that the winner was Kate. Although she was certainly cute, she really had no idea how to tease. She tried a bit of dancing, then rubbed the top of my cock, between it and the belt's extension vigorously, but though I was very hard, I still had not touched the nail.


The winner of the next hand was Mistress (with a Royal Flush). To be fair, she shut off the vibrator before beginning. She was rubbing all over with the feathers, but her most potent weapon was opening her mouth around my cock, then waiting. I could feel her hot breath, and she held eye contact the entire tease. For this she was rewarded with being the first girl to get my cock to touch the nail, though the skin remained unbroken.


When she returned to the sofa, I took a deep breath. I had survived three teases - 6 points - and now had five more to get "out of debt."


Kate won another round and continued to tease me, this time forgoing all contact in favor of her rendition of an erotic dance. It was hot, and I would certainly have loved to fuck her brains out under normal circumstances. As it was, she just seemed lacking after the heartstopping performance Mistress had given. It wasn't difficult to supress a full erection for the full 4 minutes.


Anne won, tried her method again. I could feel my skin stretching against the point. Truth be told, she was probably the best tease of the lot, but she began slowly and the pain began to drown out the pleasure for me, which in turn kep tme soft enough.


Emma was the next winner. She looked really hot, and her outfit definitely accentuated this. She had what might have been the perfect stomach, thin with some muscle definition, and she showed it. Additionally, she was definitely flirtatious, rubbing the cloth of her shirt over her tits. By the end, she seemed aroused: I could see her nipples. I would have cum, had it not been for the ring, even given the total lack of stimulation. With every little dip and swerve, I noticed how her shirt curved up underneath her tits, how you couldn't see where it ended, and how great her curves were. By now, I was getting worried that I would lose some points by the end of this "game".


Thank God, then, that Kate won two more games in a row. Her teasing skills might well have been traded for poker skills: by the end, I was only holding an erection, not reveling in it. Also, I was out of debt and had gotten a point for this ordeal! Score! More than anything, this made up for it. 16 points earned, basically, although in the end only 1 counted.


The winner of the next round was Emma again, with a Straight, surprisingly. She seemed really excited and surprised to have won. I hoped this meant that she would not be able to concentrate, but I guess she had been planning something.


She stood in front of me, looked me straight in the eye, gave me her brilliant grin, and lifted up her shirt.


She wore nothing underneath, and the total shock, along with the eroticism of the whole party took hold. My cock gained erection - fast enough, in fact, for it to get momentum and swing above horizontal. This momentum carried it into the nail, which penetrated a bit, drawing blood, but I didn't care. She gently covered her tits, then smiled again.


This time it was different, though. She knew she had won, and now she could make me do anything for a full hour, while I had an audience. This was a really evil smile that said "By the time I'm done with you, you won't have a secret we don't know."



Story by Jackson

©   Tease Denial


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