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2 Weeks Denial



I have had my subbie in orgasm denial for about 2 weeks now. Every night after we both got home from work “after our showers” I would order him to strip and lay on the bed. Arms are always above head to be tied, legs spread wide to tie his feet.


After I got him all tied I would start by getting his pathetic cock hard. I would then climb on him and sit on his face. As he pleasured me to several orgasms I would tease the head of his cock with my nails, squeezing his balls, stroking just long enough to almost get to the edge but not quite. When I was done orgasming I would get of and sit on the bed next to him to start his denial. “Giggles”


I continued to play with my toy stroking slow and mainly just stroking the head till he was just about to edge and I would stop and slap the shaft up and down, rubbing the palm of my hand in circular motions on the head of his cock, using a pin wheel all around the head teasing the shit out of him.


After I was done amusing my self I would get on top of him and rub his cock against my pussy lips before slipping his cock into my wet tight pussy. Slipping his cock into the wet tight hole I move up and down very slow making him get to the edge, as soon as I felt the throb from his cock wanting to explode I would stop and flicker, tickle and squeeze his nipples till each edge subsided.


Moving faster and faster up and down making him edge twice as fast now being able to just squeeze my pussy muscles to keep him right on edge driving him insane. About an hour would go by and I would get off and sit next to him on the bed.


Using lube I continued to stroke his cock to the edge , at very edge I would tease him in a different way like squeeze his balls, slap the head lightly, or just pause till the edge subsided.


Now 2 weeks into the orgasm denial he edges so fast it is not enough to please me any. So I told him that I had invited my boss over tomorrow night for dinner. “He’s gorgeous” . I told my subbie that he is to watch me get fucked by a man really hard and he is to imagine what that would feel like if it was his cock in that tight pussy. I also told him that after John cums inside me he will have the pleasure of licking and sucking it out of me.



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