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(also called "orgasm denial" or "T&D") is a general term used to describe any tease denial technique that involves the sexual stimulation of a person to cause intense arousal without climax. Tease and Denial is usually practiced for the express purpose of creating powerful feelings of sexual frustration and pleasure in the person being teased by singly or repeatedly bringing the subject to the brink of orgasm without actually causing orgasm.




How I Told My GF About My Tease Denial Fetish

I was absolutely desperate to cum but she just teased me with her hand and did a few other things I very much liked. Then she stopped...no edging.. nothing....



Tease Denial - What's In It For Domme?

There are a thousand different things you can do. Tease and Denial is so much more than tying your submissive up and jacking him off or blowing him for 45 minutes.



Tease Denial Ground Rules

The wife will decide how far the husband is allowed to go (tease only, up to point of orgasm / stop, full ejaculation, penetration with no orgasm, penetration with orgasm, etc).



After School Tease Denial

I could be such a cruel mistress, injuring and hurting you. And instead, I only tease you. Just a little bit of domination, and I know you like it. Beg me to tease you, to deny you, to humiliate you. Beg me to let you masturbate and jack off and get some release.



Tease Denial in Real Life

One of my all time favorite playtime activities is Tease and Denial. When I first starting learning about this I was fascinated. I actually learned that this was a huge turn on for me even before I started my D/s lifestyle. It started at night when my husband and I would lie in bed together and I would lazily run my arm across his cock.



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2 Weeks Denial

Using lube I continued to stroke his cock to the edge, at very edge I would tease him in a different way like squeeze his balls, slap the head lightly, or just pause till the edge subsided. Now 2 weeks into the orgasm denial he edges so fast it is not enough to please me.



Chastity Tease

She stopped moving and said "YOU BETTER NOT CUM"... I promised and she started riding again.



Dream Tease and Denial

I don't know how many times I felt the cum begin to pump from my balls only to have her stop just in time to let my load recede back into my aching balls. After one agonizingly close denial, which caused me to groan in disappointment, she looked at me.



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Tease Denial in the Country

Here is the plan for tonight you lie here and we use you again and again for our pleasure and entertainment while you get the blue balls big time.



Tease Denial Humiliation

Then I feel a sudden coldness on my rock hard cock and balls as you hold a bag of ice on top of them. The rubber band trying to keep my cock hard, but the ice makes it go down slowly.



Sex Denial After Work

"I can't let you cum yet. You know how much I love keeping you hard." She then puts a porno flick in the VCR and I'm left with my raging hard-on and scene after scene of hot sex exploding from the television.



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Amusing Her - Tease Denial Story

My cock was dripping, I tried to make it stop, to make it go down. I didn't want her to see the reaction she was provoking in my body, but she of course did. She teased and taunted me more as I took each heel into my mouth.



Tease Mistress

You may cum several times a day or you may only cum once a week, but I will control when you cum and don't cum. I control your cock and balls and I also control you.



Tease Denial Torment

Finally after about an hour of tickling and denial we stopped and shut down the machine, Brad was shaking like a bowl of Jell-O, begging crying, drooling and making no sense at all. Finally after he composed himself he said "Pleasssseeee no more, I need to cum pleaseeeeee".



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Caroline's Teasing Story

My cock, aching, straining, started to twitch, needing more contact that the feather could provide, inching me closer and closer to an orgasm, but not quite enough.



Tease Denial Fantasy

Cock twitching and bobbing around in the air. Abandoned in this agonizing state. An orgasm just barely begun but cruelly aborted. my pee slit weeping a small trail of dribbling cum that makes its way down the side of my long-denied cock.  I've never felt such frustration!!! 




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A Very Long Tease and Denial Story

Story of Dominatrix who turns young Mike into her teasing toy and pet slave. Sexual denial, pain, frustration, blue balls and a bit of chastity play.



The Teasing Team

College student is a slave of tease and denial study. Story of never ending sexual teasing and torment.



My Controlled Sex Life

She likes to tease me. She is a true Sex Goddess and I start asking permission in a few moments, but the point is I have to endure as long as possible. So Her usual answer is "no slave, too soon. You aren't done suffering yet".



Cock Teasing Torture

Ryan and Jessica stroked my cock and the girls explained that while I was little and they used to tease me it was so much fun that they made a pact that the day I turned 18 that they would find a way to get me in this very situation so that they could tease and torture me a different way.



Tease Denial and Male Slavery



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