Testicle Stimulation Orgasm





Step 1

Relax and take a deep breath. Taking sex to the next level is all about state of mind. Leave the "wham, bam, thank you, Ma'am" days back in college and really focus on your partner, yourself and sharing a wonderful experience.


Step 2

Begin touching or petting each other. There is no real play book when it comes to foreplay. It's specific to each partner and each relationship. Take the time to really discover one another as you kiss, touch, undress and ultimately begin your love making.


Step 3

Play a bit of tease and denial. Everyone wants what they can't have. So as your foreplay begins to focus on the penis, do not allow your partner to touch the shaft of his penis. Make the experience enticingly erotic by gently denying him if he tries to move your hand. Taking control in a playful manner is the key here.


Step 4

Fondle the testicles. If you are doing your job right, your slow sensual hand should focus on everything but the shaft of the penis itself. As you move to the testicles, gently rub them. You'll know you're doing the right thing if his penis begins or has already formed an erection by this point. Play with applying different amounts of pressure. Squeeze, then release, squeeze then release. The key is to keep your partner always guessing about how you are going to massage his testicles next.


Step 5

Use your lips, mouth and breath to take that sensation to the next level. There is certainly the Altoid trick, where you can suck on an Altoid at the same time you take your partner's testicles in your mouth. Other ideas are using saliva and using hot breath. You may also continue to massage the testicles along with this step.


Step 6

Talk to your partner. Another extremely erotic thing is to talk to your partner and continue to kiss them as you massage their testicles. This verbal connection will not only help with their relaxed set of mind, but you will be able to tease them on how the shaft of their penis must be left alone and not participate in this orgasm.


Step 7

Cup the testicles so that they are higher toward the shaft of his penis. This is pure biology. When a male has an orgasm, his testicles raise naturally closer to the shaft of his penis before ejaculation. Raise, or cup his testicles higher to allow this position to occur. After some titillating minutes of stimulation, your partner should have an orgasm they will not forget.



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