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Abandoded Orgasm

“Hands-Free” or a “No Touch Orgasm”. This was the sole commonly known method ruining an orgasm for many, many years in the Tease & Denial community.



Thumbing The Orgasm

The goal of thumbing is to to block the flow of ejaculate but it is much more than that as is true with all ruined orgasms if executed properly.



Palming The Orgasm

A second reason palming can be effective in playing with the head of a victim it can hide the head of the cock from view so he can’t see what’s happening to him.



Dictating Orgasm

In manner very similar to thumbing when the orgasm begins the ruinater simply places the tip of the forefinger ....



Thwacking Orgasm

CBT manuever.



Sploofing Orgasm



Post Orgasm Torture



Testicle Stimulation Orgasm

Play a bit of tease and denial. Everyone wants what they can't have. So as your foreplay begins to focus on the penis, do not allow your partner to touch the shaft of his penis. Make the experience enticingly erotic by gently denying him...




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