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Prelude To Chastity

Karmella is sure that a chastity belt is just the thing to spice up her sex life, but Lance isn't sold on the idea. She uses her "feminine charms" to sell the idea, but Lance only wants one thing. She edges him, and makes it clear that he won't be cumming unless he agrees to wear the cage.

Lance's determination to avoid agreeing to the chastity belt wavers in the face of Karmella's teasing.

Lance needs to cum real bad, but Karmella won't let him until he agrees to wear the chastity belt. She gets him right to very edge of exploding in her mouth. Knowing that the only way he'll be allowed to cum is if he says yes, Lance gives in and agrees to wear the belt but he's in for a nasty surprise...

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Forced Male Chastity, pictures from video

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