orgasm denial





Slideshow Tease


- There is a chance to orgasm

- Duration: 30 minutes to many hours

- solo

- no sex toys needed



This is a very nice tease if you are alone and want to play. All you need is your computer, a selection of your favorite erotic pictures and a program to create a randomized slideshow.


You should create a slideshow with this pictures, each one shouldn't be visible longer than 7 to 10 seconds. Mark one of the pictures as "cumming picture". The slideshow is random, so you never know when this special picture will be shown. Sit back and masturbate to the slideshow. You can play with yourself as much as you want, but you must not cum before the special picture is shown. As soon as this picture is gone again, you must not touch anymore.


This has 3 important effects. You must stay on the edge all the time, because you don't want to miss the orgasm window, which will only be open for a maximum of 10 seconds. You won't be allowed a full orgasm, because you have to let go of your cock when the special picture fades. And last but not least, if you miss the window, you have been on the edge for a very long time expecting an orgasm, only to realize that you have missed your chance today.


You should be careful about the timing of the slideshow. Lets say you use 300 pictures. If you select a duration of 10 seconds for each picture, you will have to play for 25 minutes on average and for 50 minutes if you are unlucky and the cumming picture is the last one. On the other hand you might be unlucky and it is one of the first ones, before you are ready to cum.


If you want a real intense ride on the edge and a ruined orgasm, I suggest using 750 pictures and a duration of 4 seconds for each picture. That way you must stay on the edge constantly, because you only have 4 seconds to orgasm. If you are able to reach an orgasm, it will be ruined for sure.


Happy suffering!


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