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How To Ruin Orgasm


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Firstly it is easiest after a few days denial!


Then, as you push it just over the edge, let go and try and control your muscles from twitching. It does take practice to get just the right moment to let go and also some practice to control the twitching. But if you get it right, the cum just oozes out and you get very little or no orgasm sensation.


I haven't found that I am immediately horny straight after, like some of the teases require, but I do "recover" much quicker than after a full orgasm.






I've discovered a cool trick relating to this as well. If you completely relax your pc muscle as your orgasm is being ruined (so you don't get contractions, this is very difficult and it probably won't work the first few times) you won't cum in the traditional sense but you'll just ejaculate a clear liquid without sperm. There's almost no refractory period when you do it like this and you'll still feel horny.  Use it well!






I find cumming by only rubbing your thumb on the highly sensitive back of the head to be a very frustrating orgasm method, you must not stroke at all and just rub in a rhythm on that spot. It has a hugely intense build up, itl have you writhing and moaning and desperate to releve the burning teasey feeling that goes through your legs and erogenous zones by pumping it. When you finally cum it kind of shoots out and despunks you but its nothing like a normal orgasm, it isnt satisfying (because you dont stroke even as you cum, you just keep rubbing that spot)and it leaves you wanting a stroked out firm orgasm that you're now too milked to achieve. It realy is an intense method and requires practice and a few days with no orgasm.






According to my experience, the most unsatisfying ruined O. (and I'd even say the only true and genuine R.O.) is accomplished by stroking very very slowwwly - from the beginning to the end, absolutely no fast strokes..! ..and - you have to stop way BEFORE the cum starts oozing out.

You can refine it by stroking with only 2 fingers on the sides of the cock, on the top / bottom, using just 1 finger below the head, 1 finger on the top and so on..









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