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How To Ruin Orgasm



Tease Denial - Orgasm Torment

Some cum control ideas made by a husband to his wife.



Orgasm Denial Spurting Technique

Orgasm maddening technique.



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Slideshow Tease

Very nice tease and orgasm denial game if you are alone and want to play.



Contract of Orgasm Denial

Submissive husband’s health improvement by use of teasing and orgasm control.



Cum Denial

The principle behind Cum Denial is simple: the victim wants to cum, but is prevented from doing so. The more desperately he needs to cum, the more effective it is - and this becomes a torture when the Top sets about intentionally increasing the victim's need to cum.



Orgasm Denial Game

If applied correctly, the Mistress could assure a very long chastity period to Her slave. For the slave it will be very frustrating to wait until he believes he has enough points to be able to come, and humiliating to beg for it having to tribute his Mistress.



Foot Tease Technique

The goal is to see if she can frustrate me to the point where I start to spontaneously ooze without any penile or anal stimulation.



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Orgasm Denial - Alarm Tease

Can I cum in 10 seconds after the alarm goes off?



Orgasm Denial - Self Cock Tease

Just when you get close to cumming, suddenly there's a whole bunch of no-nudity pictures and you have to just stop dead!



Orgasm Denial - Strip Club Tease

My wife, Abby, has made use of strip clubs several times to help tease me.


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Painful Orgasm

This is one of the ways that my wife has used when I'm finally allowed to cum.



Orgasm Denial

Touch him, pet him, tease him until he's really turned on.



Orgasm Denial Temptation

Get your man lying in a position that he can easily assume, but that becomes uncomfortable over time.



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Orgasm Denial by Mistress Leesa

Sexual frustration is a supremely effective tool for controlling a personal slave. Orgasm denial breeds humility.



Sweet Agony of Orgasm Denial

Tease Denial technique for ladies.



Orgasm Control Technique

For the dominant woman one of the most common (and often the first) elements of control she exerts is over the male’s orgasm.


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