Orgasm Denial
orgasm denial




The orgasm control list



You thought it would be fun if your girlfriend told you when you could and couldn't come.



She didn't let you come for 2 days and you wanted her so bad.


She asks you go down on her before you could fuck her.


Then she let put your cock in her and you came in seconds.


Then she made you wait 3 days.


She just pushed your head down to her pussy this time.


Then she let you put your cock in her, and you tried not to come so fast, but you could barely move your cock or you'd come immediately.


She let you do this for a while, then told you to come.


You came.




She made you wait 7 days.


You crawled to her pussy when she crooked a finger and lapped at her for 30 minutes.


Then she gave you a long, slow handjob.




She made you wait 1 day.


You had romantic sex and she was wetter than she's ever been.




She made you wait 7 days.


You crawl to her pussy again, and she gives you a handjob.


She whispers in your ear.


"Who owns this cock?"


"Oh god..."


"Who owns this cock?"


"You do".


"That's right.


And she let you come.




She made you wait another 3 days.


She gives you a long handjob and makes you swear that she owns your cock.


You swear that you won't come without her permission.


You swear that you'll never ask her to make you come.


You swear that you'll have your hard cock out for her any time she asks.


She doesn't let you come.




You wait another 4 days.


She strokes your cock for 20 minutes, forbidding you to come.


She looks at you with fascination, she sees how you are controlled.


She makes you swear again.


"Who owns this cock?"


"You do ma'am".


"Who owns your balls?"


"You do ma'am"


"Who owns your orgasms?"


"You do ma'am"


"Would you ever come without my permission?"


"No ma'am"


"I want to put your cock in a cage"




"I don't want to worry about you coming when I'm away"




"You weren't going to come anyway, right?"




"Good, it's settled"


She puts your cock in a cage.




You wait another 7 days.


You eat her wet pussy for an hour.


You pound her cunt with her dildo.


You make her cum 4 times.


She takes a shower.


You wait.


She comes back into the room in lingerie.


Your cock swells against the cage.


She produces a key.


She ties up your hands.


"From now on I am the only one who touches your cock."


She gives you a handjob.


You come like a geyser.



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