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The Surprise - orgasm denial story

So certain, in fact, that I couldn’t help arching my hips and moaning. “Ohh god, thank you Miss, thank you, I’m going to come!” Immediately pulling back off my cock, she began lapping at the head and shaft, even pulling my cock towards her in order to writhe her tongue against the underside of the head, making me squirm my hips and struggle in vain against my bonds.



Terry's Cock Tease

I watched as she closed her eyes, masturbating, her breathing growing ragged and her moans growing deeper and more drawn out. I watched, expecting her to be thrown into orgasm immediately, but much to my dismay, I watched her get closer, and closer, and closer, before withdrawing her hand, raising it to massage her breasts through her shirt, trace her wet fingers over her lips.



Orgasm Denial Experiences

She fitted me with the collar and leash and put the bowl on the floor. "And now for your first treat served in your dish..." My wicked Wife pulled out two condoms full of her lover's cum. She emptied each into the bowl. "Ok puppyboy. If you want to hump your Wife's leg like a dog, then you have to lap up all my man's cum out of your new bowl. Lap it up cucky!" 



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Orgasm Control - orgasm denial story

She is going to actually let my bare penis touch her bare leg for the first time. I'll probably come on contact so there will be very little humping going on. I will probably dribble out about a gallon of semen on my Wife's smooth lovely leg. And then She's going to make me lick all my cum off of her, but it'll be worth it.



Cathy's Tease Denial Story

Nothing gets me hotter than watching a man beg and plead a woman to let him cum.

I discovered and perfected the art of teasing when I was in college. Its amazing how the biggest and strongest of men turn to jelly when you have complete control of their cock and balls. To earn his right to cum, a man will do anything, and everything you tell him to.



Orgasm Denial and Chastity Story

I was moaning softly "Sarah please, I'm going to cum, please give me permission to cum, pleeeeesse"  Sarah just increased the grip of her soft thighs and the movement of her hips as she whispered "erm, no, you'll have to be a good boy and wait" as she continued nibbling and biting my ear.



Orgasm Denied by Mom and Doughter

I think I'll just tickle them up and down your cock while Marie uses my ostrich plumes all over your nipples and around your body. It'll be so delicious making you stand there without moving as a mother and daughter tag-team tease-torture your penis and balls. The feathers will irritate and arouse, but never give quite enough pressure to bring you over the edge.



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Orgasm Denial Queen

Jill showed Julie her little trick then took Bob into the bedroom. Julie, taking up where Jill had left off, continued to bring me to the brink of climax and then deny me relief. Each time I begged for relief she would laugh, asking what I would do for a good come.



Orgasm Denial Torment

Driving me closer and closer to launch, her breath on my back, I grew dizzy with the excitement. Then suddenly, as I was about to cum, her hands flew off my dazed cock. Twitching helplessly, unable to go over, I groaned in frustration.



Orgasm Denial Frustration Story

She kept my cock tingling by playing with the head, but at the same time, she gave me all the long strokes to get me closer and closer.  I was pretty sure it was time to cum, just a few more strokes, when suddenly she stopped and squeezed the head.



Merciless Orgasm Denial Story

"Please Ms. Debbie, torture my penis for your amusement. I am a male and my penis makes me weak. I am a slave to all women and wish only to suffer at your hands. I thank you Mistress Jude for allowing me to feel your beautiful feet on my face as I am subjected to feminine wiles."



Milking a Male Story

The girls would giggle at my lewd pumping action, point their fingers at my cock and make comments to tease me about how bad I needed to cum, how full my balls must be getting, and teasing me about how it is sooo mean of them to play with me like that and not let me shoot my nasty stuff all over.



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Extensive Orgasm Denial

Just before I came, she stopped stroking my cock. She started to tickle my cock with her fingertips. This sensation was enough to keep me hard, but not enough for me to come. She continued tickling my cock for about five minutes.



BDSM Denial Story

Using just the very tips of the nails on her index fingers, she slowly stroked the length of my shaft, from its base all the way to the tip of the head. Needless to say, I was soon in agony and begging her to take me to ejaculation.



Orgasm Denial in Marriage Story

The thought of being allowed to lick her to climax and then being denied anything further other than my own hand really does it for me. There are times she'll get dressed and then turn on the TV in our room and flash semi-nude pictures of herself on the screen and have me jerk myself to her pics.



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