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Dia in Chastity


Dia is having a hard time adjusting to Raven controlling when (or if) she is allowed to cum, and was caught masturbating without permission. Raven has locked her in a chastity belt and restrained her so she can be punished. It doesn't take long for Dia's pussy to get wet beneath the belt, and she grinds her inaccessible pussy against Raven's knee in an attempt to get some stimulation.







Sapphic Teasing


Our first foray into the world of girl-on-girl tease & denial. Raven leads her slavegirl into the bedroom and restrains her. She begins to touch her slowly and softly, making the slave shiver with arousal.

The teasing continues for Dia, who is tied to the bedposts and unable to make Raven go any faster. She can only thrust her hips out and whimper with frustration. Raven brings Dia to the very edge of orgasm but stops before she can cum, then makes Dia clean her own wetness from her fingers.

Dia's pussy is dripping wet and she's desperate to cum. None of that makes the slightest difference to Raven, who continues to torment her with nothing but slow, gentle touches.



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