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Cum Denial Game


Indy proposes a game for Lance and Karmella to play and puts a couple hundred bucks on the line. For every minute that Lance can keep from begging to cum, I offer to pay him $2. If he makes it the whole 100 minutes, he gets to cum. If Karmella can make him beg to cum before the time is up, she gets all the money. Let the games begin!






One Time Use

Lance has been locked up in a chastity cage all day, and Karmella has the key. She unlocks him, and tells Lance that she'll give him the best orgasm he's ever had. His cock immediately gets rock hard in anticipation of his long-awaited orgasm. Is Karmella serious about letting him cum, or does she have something else up her sleeve?

Karmella promises Lance that she'll let him cum this time. She straddles him and massages his swollen nuts, and let's him stroke her pussy. She lines up his cock so he'll explode in her mouth and her lips bring Lance to the very brink of orgasm one more time.

Will she let him cum?




Prelude to Chastity

Karmella is sure that a chastity belt is just the thing to spice up her sex life, but Lance isn't sold on the idea. She uses her "feminine charms" to sell the idea, but Lance only wants one thing. She edges him, and makes it clear that he won't be cumming unless he agrees to wear the cage.

Lance needs to cum real bad, but Karmella won't let him until he agrees to wear the chastity belt. She gets him right to very edge of exploding in her mouth. Knowing that the only way he'll be allowed to cum is if he says yes, Lance gives in and agrees to wear the belt but he's in for a nasty surprise...




Frisky Teasing

Karmella has stripped down to her sexy, see-through thong and straddles his lap while stroking his cock. She takes her panties off, kneels down in front of him and uses those delicate hands to get Lance right to the edge. She stops before he can cum and laughs with delight at his frustration.

Karmella teases him with her breasts, and realizes that she can use Lance's desire to touch them to extract some promises from him. She gets him to promise her he'll do the dishes, wash her car, and eat her pussy before bed every night for a week in exchange for touching and licking her breasts. She lets him enjoy her body for a little bit, then straddles him and let's him think he might be allowed to fuck her. Of course she ultimately denies him entry to her pussy. She follows up with another edging, and when he complains she giggles "It's fun, baby!".




Trapped for Cock Teasing

Karmella's adventures with her chastity slave continue. This time, she has his caged cock trapped in the bars of a chair. She removes the cage but the ring from his CB-3000 keeps him from pulling away from her teasing hands and mouth. She uses both to get him ready for a big orgasm, which she promises him he'll finally get. But Karmella is going to have some fun with him first....







Chastity Belt Key Tease

Mistress Karmella takes her slave's belted cock and rubs it between her breasts. She tantalizes him with the sight of her panty-clad pussy, but won't let him see the real thing. She even pretends to unlock his chastity belt, but stops and laughs as his frustration.

She tells him how she knows it must hurt being stuck in the chastity cage, but then she grinds her ass onto his caged cock to make it worse. She dangles the key over the lock, but with his hands tied there's nothing he can do but watch and suffer.





Orgasm Denial for Cuckold Husband

Karmella keeps her little cuck locked up under the stairs while she's entertaining her boyfriend. While her boyfriend recovers upstairs, Karmella brings her cuck out to play. She ties him to a chair and unlocks his chastity cage. His cock gets hard immediately and Karmella takes full advantage of his arousal. A slow handjob brings him to the edge, but she denies him his chance to cum.

She's not entirely without sympathy, though, and tells him that she'll let him cum now. She kneels between his legs, wraps her hand around his cock and starts stroking. He's about to explode when she changes her mind and stops. Poor cucky, teased and denied yet again!




Frustrating Tease Denial

Karmella's slave boy has just been edged when she leans over and laughs in his face. She rubs his rock-hard cock on her silky panties, then climbs on top. She lets his cock slide between her ass cheeks, and the slave starts to beg for relief. She dismounts, and starts sucking him again. "Are you ready to cum baby?" she asks, and starts sucking faster and faster. Just as he's about to explode, she stops and laughs at his frustration.




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