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You Can Wait


Ashton is getting ready for a date while you watch. She knows you're dying to cum before she leaves or you'll be waiting around all night with aching balls and a dripping cock. Maybe just one quick wank before it's time for to leave will be enough for you to cum...








Stroke Lesson 7


Another of Ashton's masturbation instruction videos, this one with a surprise at the end!









Cuckold In The Closet


You are Mistress Ashton's cuckold husband in this POV-style video. Locked in the closet while she fucks a real man, Ashton removes your chastity belt but makes sure your hands are tied so you can't masturbate. Later, Ashton checks to make sure you're OK before the real fun begins. You can hear them fucking in your bed but you can't do anything except suffer in frustrated silence. Finally, Ashton comes back with some news... things are about to get much worse for you!






Lucky Day


Ashton offers you the chance for an entire day out of the cage, if you can pass one little test...









Wedding Night Surprise


It's your wedding night, and you finally get to fuck your new bridge. Ashton is ready to unlock your chastity belt, but has a surprise for you first.









The Price of Impotence


You're having trouble performing again, and Ashton is out of patience. Your little Mr. Softy is about to be locked up!









Keyholder's Club


Ashton breaks the news to you that her new friend from the Keyholder's Club is coming over to help with your chastity training.




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 Mistress Ashton 1





masturbation instructions by Mistress Ashton





cuckolded by Mistress Ashton





male chastity by Mistress Ashton





Mistress Ashton's wedding night





orgasm denial by use of chastity belt





keyholder Mistress Ashton

Mistress of Tease and Denial
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