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Chastity and Cock Teasing

Mistress Megan has no sympathy for slave's frustration.

Chastity, cock teasing and orgasm denial play.










Frustrating Cock Teasing

First Mistress Megan than Janessa went looking for the washroom and instead found a naked, bound man. They took the opportunity to have some fun with him before they return to the party and leave him frustrated.










Male Chastity Teasing

After spending the night trapped in the chastity cage, Mistress Megan wakes Lance up for more teasing.









The Cock Teasing Promise

Mistress Megan is back, and this time she's cuddling on the bed with her husband. She allows him to touch her body and suck her nipples, but she coyly talks him into "trying something different". Little does he know, she has a plan to lock his cock in a CB-3000 chastity belt. He's not so sure, but she promises him it will be fun and that she will take it off whenever he asks. He doesn't know she's lying so he agrees.








Good Slaves Listen

Mistress Megan is up to her old tricks with poor Bruce. This time he's blindfolded so he can't see what's coming next.










How To Be Perfect Cock Teasing Slave

Megan tells her naked slave what she expects from him. He's a good boy and very eager to please, which gets Megan horny and wet. She uses his big cock to rub her pussy, but makes it very clear that she decides when he can cum. Megan loves to hear his sighs as she strokes and licks his cock. She strips off her dress and torments him with her luscious body. Mistress Megan is stroking his cock while she masturbates. She denies him an orgasm but continues to pleasure herself.






The Fingertip Tease

Mistress Megan has her lover tied up and really goes to town on him. She'll only touch his cock with the tip of her finger, then proceeds to taunt and tease him by stroking, licking and sucking a dildo instead of his poor neglected cock. You can tell from the look on her lover's face that she's driving him insane with frustration!

Megan continues to torment her helpless, frustrated lover by caressing a dildo but refusing to give him any pleasure. After much teasing, she finally relents and lightly strokes his cock. He thinks she will give him the orgasm he desperately needs, but instead she leaves him hanging on the edge.




The Table of Tease and Denial

Mistress Megan has her boy blindfolded and restrained on a massage table. He knows what's coming and his cock doesn't take long to get rock hard in anticipation. Megan mounts him and rubs his cock on the outside of her panties, which whets her appetite for more...

After Megan allowed him inside her pussy, Bruce thinks he might be allowed an orgasm today. Megan gets him right to the edge, but ultimately denies him!






The Chair of Orgasm Denial

Mistress Megan has Bruce tied to a chair for prolongued orgasm denial game.










Megan's New Chastity Pet

Megan has a new plaything... a buff tease-toy named Bruce! Megan has some fun inspecting her new cock, all safe and secure is it's cage, and teases it with her vibrator.

Mistress Megan uses her vibrator on her new pet's swollen balls, then pleasures herself while Bruce's cock throbs helplessly in it's cage.








Paying The Price

Megan restrains DJ to keep him from interfering with the teasing she has planned.










Real Man Don't Drip

Mistress Megan is removing her boy's chastity cage in this classic tease & denial video. She strokes him to hardness and his cock quickly begins to drip tears of frustration. Megan continues with her teasing handjob but her boy gets no relief.

Megan continues teasing him but doesn't allow him to finish. To make matters worse for him, Mistress Megan holds her tight, slippery hand above his cock and makes her boy pump his hips to fuck it. How very humiliating!

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