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 POV insults




Goddess humiliation




cum humiliation




shoe humiliation




POV foot humiliation




puppy humiliation




shortdown humiliation

POV humiliation video: Insults

Ashton and Sheila tower over you, and the insults rain down.











POV humiliation video: You Can't Afford Me

Mistress Lily forces you to confront the truth... that you can't afford a Goddess like her.









POV humiliation video: Ashton Lets You Cum

The good news is that Ashton is going to let you cum. The bad news? Watch the video and find out....









Shoe Licker POV

Mistress Ashton looks you in the eye and commands you to lick the most disgusting things from the soles of her shoes...









POV Foot Humiliation video

You know you aren't worthy of serving a Goddess like Ashton, but she takes pity on you and offers you her feet to worship.









Puppy POV humiliation video

You follow your Mistress around like a little puppy in this POV-style video.









POV humiliation video:  Getting Ready

Sheila is getting ready for her date but misses no opportunity to point out your shortcomings.

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