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Humiliation video: Miss Tiffany's Crop

Miss Tiffany has a crop, and you should be very afraid...










Humiliation video:  Panties and Chastity

Ashton has the perfect prescription for you: a chastity belt to lock up your little sissy-stick, and panties to wear so nobody has to see your tiny little package.








Humiliation video: Crying for Mistress Ashton

Mistress Ashton has kept you locked in chastity for a long, long time. What will you do to earn your release? One thing is for sure... you'll be crying like a baby before she unlocks your cage.









Humiliation video: Caught

Jenn is really upset that she's found DJ watching porn and playing with his junk. She continues to berate him, and you can see him crumble under her verbal assault. She decides a suitable punishment for DJ will be to serve as her footstool while she watches something she will enjoy.







Humiliation video: Remember Me?

Sheila shows up at DJ's place, and breaks the bad news to him: his wife has told her what a wimpy little bitch he is and how he has a hard time keeping his tiny dick hard. She tells him that she has the key to his chastity cage, and that's when the realization hits him.... he's fucked. Sheila explains to DJ that she has introduced his wife to Jamal across the street. She drags DJ over to the window so he can watch his wife being fucked by Jamal. This is just the beginning of the humiliations DJ will be forced to endure.





Cuckold Humiliation video

Your wife and her lover are sharing a tender moment when she notices your arrival...









Humping Her Leg humiliation video

Sheila's slaveboy has finished cleaning the toilet and asks his Mistress for his reward. She reluctantly agrees to allow him his "special treat", and he wastes no time getting on his knees and humping her leg. Before he has a chance to cum, she kicks him off and tells him to get lost.







Humiliation video: Out of the Closet

Sheila brings Jenn home and shows off her pathetic excuse for a husband.

Sheila and Jenn make their slave serve them drinks while they discuss how pathetic he is.

Sheila and Jenn continue to mock their slave. They complete his humiliation by making him sing for them.






Domestic Discipline video

Jenn comes home to find her husband doing the dishes. She berates and verbally humiliates him for all of his failures.





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