Submissive Male Orgasm Denial - Training

So your husband says he wants to be submissive to you. He needs a good cock teasing at least once a day. This doesn't mean he's going to have an orgasm, in fact he is not. But he needs to be hard and brought to the edge of an orgasm at least one time a day. Orgasm denial is part of this teasing.



Male Orgasm Denial Contract

I will tease you most of the week, and I will be your orgasm facilitator on the weekends. Basically, you give and I take complete control of when, how and if you orgasm.



male orgasm denial  



Orgasm Denial Stories:



Out of Your Hands

Story of orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, cum control and loving domination.

A few more days passed and my frustration was getting unbearable, not having sex for a week is one thing, not cumming for a week is another, but actually ejaculating but having no feeling of release for a week AND being relentlessly teased is something else again.



The Nerd

tags: female domination, tease and denial, cum control, cuckolding, male humiliation  

Story of cheating Wife who is keeping her husband in sexual frustration.



True Orgasm Denial Story

When your wife cums and you are not allowed to. True story by denied husband.



Submissive Husband

Story of orgasm control and creampie eating.



The Island of Orgasm Denial

Story about four weeks at Orgasm Denial Island.



The Lady and The Lad - orgasm denial story

She carefully rationed The Lad's orgasms. She permitted him to come on average of about once a week. Oftentimes, he had to wait longer than that between ejaculations--sometimes several weeks. Other times, however, she'd make him come two or three times in one day, sometimes several days in a row.




Extreme Male Tease

tags: bondage, orgasm denial, Mistress, male sub, cock tease, story

She calls herself a sexual sadist. She doesn't use a whip to give men pain, to make men beg, she uses pleasure and denial, until that pleasure became an agonizing need. You can see it in her eyes when she has had me on the edge repeatedly, when the pre cum is just leaking from my cock as I hang in my bondage moaning behind the gag.




A Bitch of Denial Is Made

tags: domestic discipline, male tease and denial, femdom wife, handjob tease, bdsm, story

A few weeks passed before I tried teasing Robert again. I started out the same way, by lying on his chest in a 69 position reading and occasionally letting him eat my pussy.



orgasm denial, cock tease, tease denial  



Shared Fantasies

tags: erotic denial, male slave, sexual torment, femdom, fetish, cock teasing, long story

After a time I discovered the realm of Female Domination and especially the sub-culture of teasing and orgasm denial, both of which held quite a bit of fascination for me. I read a lot; stories, forum postings, everything I could find. I began to fantasize that Jessie was practicing teasing and denial on me.

Shared fantasies - male orgasm denial story, part 2

Shared fantasies - male orgasm denial story, part 3

Shared fantasies - male orgasm denial story, part 4

Shared fantasies - male orgasm denial story, part 5




Princess Candy Tease and Denial Story

tags: fairy tale - fantasy, cock teasing, blue balls, teasing men

Once upon a time, there was sexy blonde cocktease princess named Candy. When Princess Candy was young, she was a brutal cockteasing bitch. She liked nothing more than teasing men, all kinds of men, from the buffest athletes to the geekiest frat boy. She loved leaving men high and dry, using her big tits as a weapon of torture to leave behind big blue balls in her wake.




Finding Orgasm Denial

tags: cockteaser, sexual slavery, erotic denial, male chastity, cuckolding

This story illustrates tease, denial, and cuckold fantasy told from the woman's point of view. Story where the woman is strong and dominant and the man serves and is submissive.

Part 2:  Finding Tease and Denial

Usually, I masturbate pleasure toy teasingly. Meaning, I take my hand away from his cock when he's about to cum. If I time it just right, he thrusts into the air, which of course is not stimulating at all. I might tease him several times in a masturbation session.



sex denial, male orgasm denial  



Denial and Humiliation of Jack

tags: male sub, fem dom, cum control, forced masturbation, punishment

"I suppose I could paddle your ass, but what I'd really like to do..." I leaned forward, bit his chin firmly. "What I'd really like to do is torment you. Are you game for some denial and humiliation, Jack? Shall I make your cock hard and keep you on edge? Make you beg to be allowed to come?"



Sweet and Sour Orgasm Denial

tags: Mistress, male slave orgasm denial, cock teasing, balls slaping, male slave humiliation, orgasm edging, ruined orgasm

Mistress teases her slave until he obeys.



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