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The man cried out as the sharp, red fingernails dug further into his scrotum. “No, Mistress. I swear! I Haven’t!”



“I don’t believe you” She said, dragging her nails down further and watching his skin tauten as his balls were forced into a tight little balloon at the end of his sack.


“You’ve been touching yourself, haven’t you? You’re a dirty boy and you’ve made yourself come.” His balls burned in her grip. “Haven’t you?”


The Mistress smiled as he stifled a scream through clenched teeth and shook his head. Too much pain to speak. The words wouldn’t come and he could only shake his head and jerk and twitch. This is where she wants him to be.


“I can smell it on your cock. The stains are all over your chastity device.” Her voice is calm, almost soothing. “You are dirty and you deserve pain.”

Slowly, she began to rotate her hand. Just because he’s never been in so much pain doesn’t mean he can’t be in more. Folds formed in spirals around his sack.


Another scream, higher, now, more strained. He thrashed his head from side to side, fists gripping the sheet as he tried to hold out, to endure.


“Confess!” The Mistress squeezed harder and watched the agonized contortions tighten on his face.


“Confess!” Bright streaks of light burst across his vision as his Mistress twisted his angry red bollocks even further. No. No more. Please, no more.




A rushing scream flooded his throat as he bawled out his confession. Yes, he touched himself. Yes, he made himself come. Yes, he is dirty. Yes, he has betrayed his Mistress. Yes, he is filth before her beauty. Yes, he is not worthy.


She releases his balls and looks at him as he lays there sobbing. He is weeping so hard she can barely make out his grovelling apologies. Snot and tears mingle and spread onto the pillow.


“Come here” she says gently. Lying down next to him, she pulls him close. He is curled up like a baby and, just as helpless, he nestles up to her.


Kissing him gently on the head, she says: “You know I’ve got to punish you for what you’ve done, don’t you?”


He nods and she can smell the sweat in his hair. “Not now. You can accept your punishment tomorrow night.” She runs her hands over his trembling shoulders. Poor little thing. “Six strokes for daring to pleasure yourself, and six strokes for lying to me”


He looks up at her, his face wet and pathetic. “Twelve strokes Mistress? Twelve strokes?”


“Plus another twelve for making me force a confession out of you, you little shit! Now get down there and serve me with your tongue.”


Lying back, she closed her eyes and smiled as he sobbed even harder between her thighs.




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