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Male Chastity and Orgasm Denial





Fascinated by Male Chastity

Article written for women who’ve just become aware of their husband’s or boyfriend’s interest in male chastity.


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Chastity: Control of Male Masturbation and Orgasm

The purpose of a chastity device is to provide a cosmetically appealing, safe, and totally secure device which will control your partner’s orgasms.  When you require your partner to wear a chastity device, he will not be able to see his penis, he will not be able to touch his penis and it will absolutely deny him the control to masturbate to orgasm by himself.



male chastity, orgasm control  



The Wife's View on Male Chastity

After Mark gave me a strong nudge to consider using chastity for him, I decided it was worth looking into almost anything to put the spark back into our marriage.



What Makes Male Chastity Work?

Both “orgasm” and “orgasm denial” are the key ingredients of male chastity. Without denial  and without the promise of orgasm, chastity has little relevancy in a loving relationship.



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Male Chastity - Why?

This information is here to help you understand why forced male chastity is so important to control your husband or your boyfriend.



Male Chastity Story - TOUCHING

Short story of male chastity and an angry Mistress.



Scott in Chastity

Story of male chastity, oral slavery and creampies.



Contract of Male Chastity and Submission



Chastity slave and Mistress



Rules for slave in Chastity


Pictures and captions



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Your husband or boyfriend has just announced his chastity fetish to you.  What are you supposed to do?


Firstly let's consider the basic elements of his chastity desires.  Chastity today is primarily about orgasm denial and submission. Denial is nothing new, its part of our every day lives, and something we all experience in one way or another.


The concept of denial is with us in many forms.  Many people go on diets or limit the kinds of food they eat, such as chocolates, cakes and biscuits.  Others regularly join health clubs and work through demanding routines in the gym.  Still more people become slaves to their jobs, working long hours when they could be enjoying themselves. 


All of the above are forms of denial, and there are many more for that matter, and they all have one thing in common - there is something in it for the person being denied. We engage in healthy denials for either personal benefit or pleasure.  So aspects of denial are with us throughout our lives, denial in itself is nothing new, we all deny our self certain pleasures to achieve a greater goal, and this is one of the driving forces behind your man's desire for chastity.


When we look at male chastity we see one of the most fundamental denials possible, sexual gratification.  Your man wants to deny himself orgasm for the pleasure of experiencing that one special orgasm, the one you have granted him.  He wants to be denied his own pleasures and will carry out tasks around the house, to receive the greater pleasure of pleasing you, of being attentive to your daily and sexual needs in order for him to receive your praise and approval of his behaviour.


Your man's submissive need for denial linked with you granting his orgasms can form part of a chastity lifestyle or be a wonderful chastity playtime pleasure lasting from anything from one day to many months, and there's a lot you can gain from this too.  But only if you want to.


If your emotional and sexual relationship with your man is strong and healthy, introducing male chastity can bring something unique and special into your lives.  But you need to find your own way of dominating him, find your own style, you don't have the be the leather clad dominatrix he's probably fantasised about for years. You need to be You.



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