Tease, Denial and Male Chastity



Simply denying sex to a chastity slave and forbidding masturbation without permission are in itself a way of applying chastity.


Most male slaves are so aroused by their submission that they are frequently erect and eager to masturbate. Restraining slave's penis with a chastity device or piercing, or combination of both, not only takes care of that, but deepens slave's sense of submission since it's very clear to him that he no longer has any control of his own penis.


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Forced Chastity, more accurately in this case, enforced chastity play is an interesting way to add spice to your sex life. Put in its simplest terms, forced chastity play is a way to prevent access to the genitals for the purpose of sexual pleasure. People being what they are, when control of when or if  you can come is given to someone else, the arousal usually becomes extremely intense. What seems at first to be a form of perverted torture is actually a way to add considerable pleasure to your sex life.



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