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Orgasm Denial for Newbies




For ladies and men alike, I wanted to take a minute to offer some encouragement and advice to new-comers. There is an adaptation process to male chastity, and you need to ease into it. But you should do so knowing that there is an INCREDIBLE state of euphoria that the male can reach, if you're willing to work for it and have patience (and determination). It is a feeling like no other for him. For the lady in his life, there are profound changes that will occur in your male - but only if you're willing to make him wait! The male is weak and will beg to be let out. Don't give in! Amazing rewards lie in wait for him; you must be stronger than his animal brain!

This is a very realistic and reasonable schedule. It takes about 4 months of training to prepare the male's body. Once this initial training and adaptation is complete, it is then possible for some remarkable changes to begin occurring.

For someone just starting, I would suggest the following schedule:

Weeks 1-2: Two orgasms per week
Weeks 3-4: One orgasm per week
Weeks 5-6: Only a single orgasm after two weeks
Weeks 7-8: Only a single orgasm after two weeks
Month 3: One orgasm after one month
Month 4: One orgasm after one month

Month 5-6: One orgasm after 2 months
Month 7-8: One orgasm after 3 months
Month 9-12: One orgasm after 4 months

The reason for the graduated schedule is so that the male's body can begin to adjust, so that it can prepare for what lies ahead.

Notice how there are 2 phases to the schedule. It takes a while for his body to adjust to more extended denial. This is necessary, because the REAL changes that you both want, do not really begin to occur until at least 4-5 weeks of denial. After one month of no orgasms, the male begins to enter a sort of euphoria. After about 6 weeks of no cumming, cock locked in chastity and balls full of cum, the male will psychologically 'give up' on his own orgasms. Make no mistake - he'll be horny as hell! But if you have been cultivating him correctly, he will get to the point where it will become a very powerful sexual event when you allow him to massage your back or rub your feet. Any touch of your body becomes intensely erotic for him, and he will begin to derive sexual satisfaction not from his cock - but from pleasing YOU! He will accept the fact that his own orgasms are irrelevant, and truly devote himself to your pleasure instead.

After 2 months, his level of desire will taper off. It is necessary during such extended periods of denial that you tease his penis. But he will be INCREDIBLY horny, and will cum on a hair-trigger. You only want to encourage him to a throbbing hard-on, and let it go. Lock him back up. Don't risk making him cum! You may want to tie him down, and rub your pussy on his cock a little bit. Just don't let him inside you, because he will cum for sure!

The reason for all of this is that these first 2 months are the 'physical' phase, during which he becomes so incredibly horny he will swoon with desire for you. It is CRITICAL that during this time, he be forced to wait. The purpose of a pussy is to be worshipped by men. The purpose of a penis is to be kept on the very edge of cumming, so that he will do a great job of eating your pussy. Once he has accepted the irrelevance of his own sexual release and understands that his throbbing cock is of no siginficance, he will devote himself to pleasing you. But this can ONLY happen if you are willing to make him wait for such an extended period. It is in months 3 and 4 of his denial that you can focus on cultivating the actual behaviors that you want to last long-term. This includes not only learning to eat your pussy perfectly, but to perform whatever domestic chores that you require.

It is his fantasy for you to 'punish' him by witholding his orgasms. But make no mistake - it is exactly what he wants! So do not feel at all bad about it. It is simply a male fantasy for a woman to withold his release. By denying him, you are helping his body enter a state of euphoria that is an incredible reward for him! But he is not strong enough to get there on his own. He needs you to withold his orgasms for him, to overcome his male animal instinct for self gratification. USE HIM FOR SEX! He wants this, too. He wants to feel that he was able to please you in a self-less manner. It makes him feel very special, as if he was your sexual plaything. Make him eat your pussy every day! In fact, several times a day, if you want. This will make him incredibly horny, but again - it's what he wants! Don't be surprised if your very feminine scent begins to drive him crazy. Many men in chastity become obsessed with eating their wife's pussy and just can't enough of it. Don't be bashful or shy about this - again, it make him feel as if he is your sexual plaything when you use him in this way.

The ultimate tease, of course, is to make him wear a strap-on dildo and use it to fuck you, while his own cock stays locked and denied. You should make a point of doing this with him regularly, and talk about how nice and hard his new cock is and how good it feels in your pussy. It will drive him crazy with desire, so you may want to tie him down the first time or two that you do it. But, remember one very important thing! It is CRITICAL that you allow him the pleasure of your pussy occasionally. Forget about all those stupid internet stories. If you want to maintain his sexual interest in you, he has to believe that sex is attainable! So once you get into making him wait weeks and even months between releases, I strongly recommend you give him intercourse. For him, it will be the most powerful sexual event of his life and make him want to do it all over again.

For me, personally, I am among a small minority of chastity slaves who have attained the 'ultimate' skill. After about a week of denial, it becomes possible for me to cum with no physical stimulation at all, while locked in chastity. The first time, it happened by accident. I was watching a porn video, and hadn't cum in a while. Suddenly I felt the orgasm building and explode out of me, against my will! Over the next few weeks, I found that by focusing my mental energy, even though I was locked in chastity, I could cum in my chastity device while eating my wife's pussy! I get so horny that sometimes I can even cum when I fuck her with a strap-on dildo. The reason this works for me is that my mind feels what I call "shadow sensation." I am so horny from being denied so long, that my mind 'imagines' the physical sensations. In a way this is bad, because my wife cannot truly prevent me from cumming. But it has taken things to a whole new level where I simply focus on eating her pussy and making her cum, and my own release will happen all on its own. It allows me to truly focus entirely on her, which is what it was all about anyway.



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