Just a quick update on my ongoing orgasm denial project.


I've been continuing with the masturbation practice and have managed to get a lot closer to the edge without coming and feel a lot more confident about my ability to ward off climax. I spoke briefly to my wife about trying to make sure I don't come the next few times we have sex and she's skeptical that it would work but is willing to try it out and see what happens which is great news. I feel that if I can get through that one time and it works out ok for both of us we can take steps towards that being our normal routine. I'm getting a lot more comfortable with idea of not climaxing - I'm not sure how comfortable she will be with the idea of me not climaxing though but if we can do it a few times it might seem ok.








I thought I might as well document my progress in orgasm denial.


I had planned to practice masturbation to arousal without climax at least once a day to "train" myself to avoid orgasm. In fact, I've been able to do this several times yesterday just on little small occasions. I hope it proves useful to get me used to the idea of being aroused and coming down from arousal without orgasm. I stopped probably a little shorter than I could each time but I just wasn't sure if I could trust myself at the actual edge just yet. Also, each occasion was a brief snatched opportunity - a proper test would probably be to do the same in a more relaxed setting while watching porn or reading/writing a fantasy.









I've lately been finding the idea of orgasm denial to be quite erotic and a recent very pleasurable sexual experience with my wife has made me think I can do more with it. As is probably common, I've found that my and my wife's sex drive have diverged a little in that I want it more often and she's happy with it less often or is too tired for sex. So one time, a few months back I was for whatever reason or other quite horny and offered to my wife that I could just go down on her and she needn't reciprocate - it would be a "68", i.e. she could owe me one. It was incredible. I just concentrated on bringing her off, knowing I wouldn't be coming and after she came, we just cuddled and fell asleep. It was intensely satisfying for me, especially so as I hadn't been "satisfied" in the traditional manner.









We are redoing our kitchen at the moment and my wife has said that I wont get to cum again until it is finished. This is her incentive to me to get the job done fast. She seems to be taking great relish in pointing out all the little tasks that make it up, as far as she is concerned a finished kitchen is just that. Every last tiny bit of snagging has to be done, before I get to sum again. Some materials have taken up to 3 weeks to arrive, and others that will take a month can't be ordered until the first lot arrive and are measured up. In total I have so far been without orgasm for 6 weeks, with another 2 to go, minimum. She did give me one orgasm a couple of weeks back, that's the only exception. On one especially horny night she had me in her ass, and decided that she wanted a good banging, for her own pleasure she told me not to stop but hammer away and give her what she needed. I think she still hoped that I could have held back but certainly not at the expense of a good hard fuck! She laughed afterwards at my unauthorised orgasm, but only teasingly as she had told me not to stop.




 male slave






I just endured the most intense teasing sensation. Being tightly held against her body, my smaller head (involuntarily at this point) gyrating against her mound. I started to go for what I wanted and was scornfully dettered. Had I been naked or been able to break free of my boxer snap I would have probably entered her by force of nature. She held me fast until she was ready to sleep. I loved the sensation, but I haven't cum for a week and would do anything for her for that chance right now.









I roll onto my back on the bed, a pillow under my body and my ass near the edge of the bed. As I put my feet into the stirrups, I realize how open and vulnerable my entire genital region is to whatever she decides to do to me tonight. My head is tilted down and back so I can not see her, but I can hear her getting ready. She is sitting on the special bench with the Magic Wand mounted in the middle, and I hear it start as she plugs it in. I hear the dice roll and immediately wonder, are there two sixes, is tonight the night?


I hear her wind the timer and turn on the other vibrator. I lay there, tense with anticipation, where is it going to touch first? What is she going to do ? Then I feel the touch of the Vibrator on the rosebud of my Anus, firmly making contact there, as her lips gently touch the very tip of my penis, which now is gently held in her hand.


I lie her, gasping and panting, as the combination of stimulation is almost too much to bear and I feel myself rapidly heading toward the point where I surely must orgasm. But no, as I reach the edge, she senses it, all stimulation stops and her gently blowing on my wet penis causes a cold sensation which brings me back from the edge. The hand held vibe shuts off, I feel her hands gently caressing, then they are gently and oh so lightly holding me while her lips come back and start so softly on the head of my penis.


It seems like forever while I slowly, slowly, reach the edge again and again she so expertly senses this and here comes the gentle blowing and coolness The vibrator comes back on, I tense with anticipation once more, then at the same time one hand steadies the penis and the vibe is just touching the sensitive part just under the head of the Penis.


As the pressure varies from barely making contact to solid contact, I am once again heading up on that roller coaster toward the edge of orgasm which must now come, I can not stand it, please let me come, and the vibrator is taken away and the cool breeze comes back.


Somewhere in the middle of this I sense a change in her rhythms, and she hesitates with her lips just on my penis and I feel and hear go through a long, satisfying orgasm. The vibrator in her bench is shut off and she continues with various patterns and rhythms till I am left a quivering, needy body at the sound of the bell. Then once again, the lips and hands are bring me back up, back up to the edge of orgasm, oh god, let it happen, please let this be time, I am going to come...... And she stops and the breeze comes back and I am left humping the air, vainly trying to have the orgasm I need so badly. I roll over, put the toys out of the way, she lays next to me and cuddles for a while, just reaching over to touch and fondle enough to keep me wanting more while I slowly calm down and start to function again. I lay there with only thought, how many more of these can I stand before I get to my orgasm.









There are a few things my Mistress and Wife does to keep me perpetually horny. The first and foremost is tease me about it constantly, verbally and physically. I of course love this and therefore it keeps working. She requires that I endure, without even a flinch, anything she does to me that has any sexual connotation or gratification to it. I'm not very good at this but I'm practicing all the time. She doesn't seem to let family member's or friends presence stop her, though she is discrete during those times.


As worked up as I stay, I am required to masturbate daily to ejaculation without orgasm. I'm allowed to use toys, but only if I don't cum with them (because I can't stop the orgasm). I get punished if I miss (supposedly, I haven't been very good about the punishment aversion, and she says it gains interest. I'll be lucky if I live through my next punishment). During sex, if she wants me to stay hard she forces me to keep my legs together. This keeps me from cumming fully and there is no refractory period, probably because there is no full orgasm. She can keep me just underneath orgasm at least fifteen minutes, probably perpetually though she doesn't know that yet.









I am lying naked in bed. There is nothing special about that fact, but what makes this different is that I am blindfolded and gagged, not to mention tied down spread eagle. On top of all of this I have a raging hard-on that just won't quit.


My girlfriend Laura is licking one of my nipples while lightly pinching the other. She says to me, "You know it's going to be a while before your cock gets ANY attention." I reply with a muffled yes. I feel her remove the gag, but I'm not allowed to say anything yet.


She asks, "Would you like to pleasure me." Before I can even answer, I feel her wet pussy pushing against my lips. Instead I answer by licking. God she tastes so good. While I'm licking her clit I feel her hands roaming around my body, touching everywhere, except my cock. She is lightly brushing her fingers over my skin delightfully tormenting me. After a while she starts to get into it more and begins to grind against my face while I'm licking her. "Ohh uhh uhh UHHH," she groans as she cums. She then slides down my body so that she is laying on top of me with out chests together. After relaxing for a moment she kisses me sweetly.



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