Forced BI orgasm humiliation

forced bi orgasm

The sugar daddies being the desperate sex deprived perverts that they are let Sissy suck them off. What fags. The girls then take turns verbally humiliating the sugar daddies, but it is not enough for them to stop Danielle from sucking.




No orgasm in chastity

chastity - no orgasm

Cuck husband has been in full time 24-7 chastity for over 2 years now, so he knows the protocol when Lexi says she wants to FUCK. He gets on top the fucking horse, Lexi pulls his pink panties aside and fucks his ass hard with her black strap-on.




Cock milking orgasm

cock milking orgasm

Mistress Lexi and Ashley milk their slaves prostate dry with their strap-on and milking machine.




Other man's orgasm

man's orgasm

Husband is ordered to crawl to the girls bedside and pick up the dirty condoms with his mouth.

EXTREMELY HUMILIATING!! Aie and Lexi taunt him with the filled rubbers, and make him beg to eat semen. Cuckslave is viciously humiliated while the girls pour semen all over his face.




Cock teasing cheerleaders

CBT orgasm




Humiliating orgasms for slaves

humiliating slave orgasms

The girls didn’t forget about the slave on the receiving end, he is threatened with castration if he doesn’t cum. It’s his last chance to cum….. Will he get to keep his balls?




Tease and orgasm just for her

tease orgasm denial

Brina is a total tease, she tells her boyfriend that is cock is worthless & fucks his face with a mouth strapon.




Sissy orgasm denial

orgasm denial for sissy






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